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Welcome to the website of Children in Trouble Barneveld

Through this site we keep all the sponsors, host parents, volunteers and other interested parties informed of the activities of the group "Children in Trouble Barneveld".
In Belarus there are still many children who suffer the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster. The aim of our foundation is to help these children.
Once every 2 years we invite a group of these children to the Netherlands. In addition we support and assist parents of children who are treated in hospital.

The lifetree

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The Lifetree on the wall of the hospital in Minsk Barovlani, is where all of the children who are treated for cancer have left their handprint.
The children have left their handprints on the wall at their first hospitalization as a reminder.
The hospital was built in 1997, in 2006 they stopped the handprints because there were already so much handprints, that there was no place on the wall anymore.

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